HPM Faculty – Objectives of Academic Advising

Assist Students in Academic Program Planning

As an adviser, you can be a wonderful resource to students as they plan to embark on an educational program that is consistent with their interests and abilities. Your goal is to gently help students to bring their career aspirations into workable alignment with their aptitudes and lifestyle goals, and to help them plan their programs accordingly.

Assist in Academic Progress

It is up to the student to monitor and evaluate their academic progress, however, an advisor can help students understand and meet their graduation requirements.  The HPM Academic Programs Office can also assist students with this.  Please feel free to have the contact Jen Moltoni (jmoltoni@hsph.harvard.edu)  for assistance.

Assist in Appropriate Course Selection

Students might expect their advisors to know something about the courses in HPM, and to be able to advise them on which choices might best complement their abilities and their interests while keeping in mind the requirements that need to be met for their degree. That said, you are not expected to be an expert on the course offerings throughout Harvard Chan or Harvard University.   Please contact the following individuals if you have question about specific types of courses:

Assist in Finding Special Student Services When Needed 

From time to time, the problems presented by advisees are beyond the domain of the academic advisor: intensive assistance with a particular course, personal problems with identity or relationships, financial difficulties, dissatisfaction with roommates or other aspects of living arrangements, legal problems, health concerns, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. Advisors need to be alert for the signs of stress, and to be gently intrusive enough to identify broadly the nature of the problem; then the advisor needs to make the appropriate referral.

If any of these issues arise, please contact Jen Moltoni (jmoltoni@hsph.harvard.edu) as soon as possible.  She is happy to assist you  in making the proper referrals for these issues.  The Office for Student Affairs is also an excellent resource and a great place for the student to begin to access services on campus.  Please feel free to also contact a member of the OSA team  (617.432.1036; StudentAffairs@hsph.harvard.edu) regarding any of these issues.

Assist in Understanding Department, School and University Policies and Procedures

Please feel free to direct any questions regarding policies and procedures to Jen Moltoni (jmoltoni@hsph.harvard.edu).  She will be happy to assist you with this.