Student Opportunities

HSIL Research Scholars Program

We developed a Health Systems Innovation Research Scholars Program for mid-level researchers (graduate level) and clinical residents (in all disciplines) to develop leadership competency in developing and translating recent evidence into policy and practice at the global level. Research Scholars function as core members within the lab and are immersed in a hybrid program of research, teaching, innovation and administration activities within the lab and with our collaborative partner network.

*Harvard graduate students and Harvard Teaching Hospital clinical residents may apply to this program to conduct their student practicums or independent study

*Post-doctoral candidates may apply to this program to conduct their research in the capacity of visiting scientists. Successful applications will function as senior Research Scholars within the Lab

*Graduate students may apply to this program 


HSIL Internship Program

We have developed an internship program for undergraduate students that is centered around the student to provide highly motivated individuals with structured mentorship and individualized internships. Interns will function as student research assistants within the lab and will graduate from the program with a specific output that will assist them in achieving their professional objectives. The experience provides a safe and flexible platform for students to understand better and refine their career purpose, ambitions and long-term goals – alongside other students from around the world dealing with similar questions, from varied settings and diverse experiences. While most of our students tend to be medical, public health, engineering, and economics students, all students are encouraged to apply.

*Harvard College students may apply to this program 

*Undergraduate students may apply to this program 


Independent study

An opportunity for independent study is offered for interested and qualified students or small groups of students. Independent study may occur in the form of an internship or research scholar role, but is limited by the amount of faculty and lab time available. These programs are open to all students who have an idea they want to pursue that goes beyond the content of their regular courses. The program provides an opportunity to consider the design of studies, programs, or analysis of data. Typically, independent study is reserved for students at Harvard College, Harvard Graduate Schools, and Harvard Teaching Hospitals, but the Lab will meet with all students who have developed a research proposal within the core research focus of the Lab and who desire research support, mentorship and guidance.


To explore opportunities, please email your CV and a writing sample to: