(plain•word)™ was developed by the Canadian Public Health Association’s National Literacy and Health Program. The National Literacy and Health Program (NLHP) promotes awareness among health professionals of the links between literacy and health. The NLHP provides resources to help health professionals serve clients with low literacy skills more effectively. The program focuses on health information in plain language and clear verbal communication between health professionals and the clients they serve. If communication is an important part of your profession or business,

Please note that the Plain Word game was discontinued several years ago.

For example:
If the Hard Word is manufacture, the (plain•word)™ is make. If the Hard Word is utilize, the (plain•word)™ is use.

Sometimes the (plain•word)™ may be more than one word.

For example:
If the Hard Word is banned, the (plain•word)™ is not allowed.

If you guess an incorrect (plain•word)™ you must choose an Editor’s Note Card. These cards teach principles of plain language and are designed to give or take away points in the actual game.