Heresh Amini

Research Fellow

Department of Environmental Health


Heresh (also known as Hassan) Amini is an exposure scientist and environmental epidemiologist. He has completed an MSc in environmental health engineering (TUMS, 2012, Tehran, Iran); a PhD in epidemiology (Swiss TPH, 2017, Basel, Switzerland); and a postdoctoral education at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), 2018-9, Boston, USA. He is a visiting scientist at HSPH since August 2019 to present. Currently, he is Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark where he is coordinator and the lead-lecturer of “environmental epidemiology” course. He has co-authored about 60 peer-reviewed publications, completed over 90 invited reviews for peer-reviewed scientific journals & national/international funding bodies (Publons), and is Associate Editor at International Journal of Public Health. Notably, he has been a repeated temporary advisor to the World Health Organization, and recipient of the 2018 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) Award by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

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  • Ph.D. in Epidemiology, 2017, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland (supervisor: Prof. Nino Künzli; external co-referee: Prof. Gerard Hoek)
  • MSc in Environmental Health Engineering, 2012, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (supervisor: Prof. Masud Yunesian)
  • BSc in Environmental Health Engineering, 2008, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Selected publications
  • Mousavi SE, Amini H, Heydarpour P, Amini Chermahini F, Godderis L (2019) Air pollution, environmental chemicals, and smoking may trigger vitamin D deficiency: Evidence and potential mechanisms. Environment International 122: 67–90 DOI:
  • Yousefian F, Mahvi AH, Yunesian M, Hassanvand MS, Kashani H, Amini H (2018) Long-term exposure to ambient air pollution and autism spectrum disorder in children: A case-control study in Tehran, Iran. Science of the Total Environment 643: 1216–1222 DOI:
  • Shaddick G, Thomas ML, Amini H, Broday D, Cohen A, Frostad J, Green A, Gumy S, Liu Y, Martin RV, Pruss-Ustun A, Simpson D, Donkelaar Av, Brauer M (2018). Data integration for the assessment of population exposure to ambient air pollution for global burden of disease assessment. Environmental Science & Technology DOI:
  • Amini H, Schindler C, Hosseini V, Yunesian M, Künzli N (2017) Land use regression models for alkylbenzenes in a Middle Eastern megacity: Tehran Study of Exposure Prediction for Environmental Health Research (Tehran SEPEHR). Environmental Science & Technology 51:8481–8490 DOI:
  • Amini H, Hosseini V, Schindler C, Hassankhany H, Yunesian M, Henderson SB, Künzli N (2017) Spatiotemporal description of BTEX volatile organic compounds in a Middle Eastern megacity: Tehran Study of Exposure Prediction for Environmental Health Research (Tehran SEPEHR). Environmental Pollution 226:219–229 DOI:
  • Amini H, Yunesian M, Hosseini V, Schindler C, Henderson SB, Künzli N (2017) A systematic review of land use regression models for volatile organic compounds. Atmospheric Environment 171:1–16 DOI:

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