News and Research Reports 2009

Washington Post and CNN Report Findings from Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Study
National news agencies are reporting on the findings from a recently published HICRC study on parental misperceptions about gun storage and children’s handling of firearms. Study co-author Dr. Matthew Miller, Associate Director of HICRC, was interviewed by CNN twice during the week of May 29-June 2 about the study and participated in a live online discussion on the Washington Post web site. From the Washington Post coverage:

“A new study involving 201 parents and an equal number of their children has found that 39 percent of kids knew the location of their parents’ firearms, while 22 percent said they had handled the weapons, despite their parents’ assertions to the contrary. Parents who had talked to their children about gun safety were just as likely to be misinformed about their children’s actions as those who said they never had discussed the matter.”

In Harm’s Way: Guns and Kids (Washington Post)

Associate Director Matthew Miller Awarded American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Young Investigator Grant
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has selected HICRC Associate Director Dr. Matthew Miller for its Young Investigator Award. This grant award, which includes two years of partial funding, will support Dr. Miller’s project “Suicide Risk Factors for Elderly Americans: The Role of Physical and Mental Illness.”

Hemenway named Visiting Professor-at-Large at UVM
As the first James Marsh Visiting Professor-at-Large at the University of Vermont (UVM), David Hemenway spent the week of March 27-31 giving numerous presentations on economics, public health, injury and violence prevention.  The Professor-at-Large program at UVM brings outstanding individuals of international distinction to campus to invigorate the intellectual and cultural life of the university.  Visiting Professors-at-Large are expected come to the campus for several one- to two-week visits over a six-year term-of-office.  Hemenway’s March visit culminated in a public lecture titled “While you were Sleeping: Success Stories in Injury and Violence Prevention.”

Recent Articles and Reviews on “Private Guns, Public Health”
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October 28, 2009

While we were sleeping, aeroplanes – not children – were made safer
The Social Research Unit posted a nice review of David Hemenway’s book While We Were Sleeping. Read it here.

October 16, 2009
While We Were Sleeping in Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention journal published a favorable review of David Hemenway’s book While We Were Sleeping.

March 5, 2009
David Hemenway’s While We Were Sleeping now in print
WhileWeWereSleeping.jpg_v3David Hemenway’s new book While We Were Sleeping:Success Stories in Injury and Violence Prevention, published by the University of California Press, is now available for order.  This book draws from more than sixty success stories from the injury and violence prevention fields to chronicle the lives of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the world a safer place. Read more here.