HICRC Students Mentored


Name, Degree, Institution; research topic(s), Current Position

Ruth Aga, MD, MPH, HSPH; infant safe sleep, Senior Doctor, Injury Department, Oslo University Hospital

Blake Alkire, MD, MPH, HSPH; suicide in India, C
linical Fellow in Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Joanna Almeida, ScD, HSPH; violence prevention, Associate Research Scientist, Northeastern University

Deborah Azrael, PhD, Harvard University;  firearm issues, Core Faculty, Harvard Injury Control Research Center, HSPH

Kim Bardy, MS, HSPH; child abuse, Global Fund Technical Assistance Analyst, Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Research Division, Office of HIV/AIDS, USAID

Frances Baxley MD, Harvard Medical School; pediatricians and firearms, Resident, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, San Francisco General Hospital

Marian Betz, MD, MPH, HSPH; suicide prevention, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver

Lisa Bhagan, MD, MPH, HSPH; infant homicide, 
Pediatrician, Trinidad and Tobago

Magdalena Cerda, ScD, HSPH; cross-national studies of violence and neighborhood factors, Assistant Professor, Columbia School of Public Health

Adelle-Lisa Chin, MD, MPH, HSPH; infant homicide, Obstetrician, Trinidad and Tobego

Mary Ann Chirba-Martin, JD, ScD, MPH, HSPH; air-bag injury legislation,
 Professor, Boston College Law School

Ellen Connorton, ScD, HSPH; injury prevention, Senior Officer, U.S. State Department

Michelle Decker, ScD, HSPH; intimate partner violence, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Dustin Duncan, ScD, HSPH; neighborhood violence and obesity, Assistant Professor, New York University School of Medicine

Erin Dunn, ScD student, HSPH; youth violence and depression, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Christine Feigal, MS, Epideimology, HSPH; suicide prevention. Medical student, Keck School of Medicine, USC, Los Angeles

Christian Finley, MPH, HSPH; firearm issues, 
Assistant Professor, McMaster University

Jennifer Fonda, BS, PhD candidate, Boston University; suicide
, Research Faculty, Veterans Administration, Boston

Ana Franco, AB, Harvard College; suicide prevention

Rachel Frank, summer intern; graduated driver’s licenses; firearms and suicide, Student, New York University

Takeo Fujiwara, MPH, HSPH; homicide, 
BC Injury Research and Prevention Center, Vancouver; Japan National Institute for Public Health

Linda Fu, MD, MS, Tufts University; pediatric EMS outcomes, 
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, George Washington School of Medicine

Jamie Gradus, PhD, HSPH; suicide prevention, PTSD
, Assistant Professor, Departments of Epidemiology and Psychiatry, Boston University School of Public Health

Justin Granstein, MPH, Dartmouth University; suicide and means restriction, 
Student, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

Jennifer Greenberg Seth, MS, HSPH; motor vehicle safety
, Research Associate, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas at Austin

Jhumka Gupta, ScD, MPH, HSPH; intimate partner violence
, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Public Health

David Neil Hayes, MD, MPH, HSPH; firearms issues, 
Assistant Professor, Clinical Research, Hematology/Oncology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Kazuichiro Hori, MD, MPH; injury surveillance in Zambia, Takemi Fellow, HSPH

Stephanie Hsieh, SM, HSPH; trends in poisoning deaths, 
Doctoral student, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

John Hwabejire, MBBS, MPH, HSPH; suicide, 
Research Fellow, Harvard

Vinu Illakkuvan, MPH, HSPH; suicide and impulsivity, Bullying Prevention Coordinator, Virginia Department of Health

Sonia Jain, ScD, HSPH; resiliency to exposure to violence among adolescents, 
Senior Research Associate, Scientist in Health and Human Development, West Ed, Oakland, CA

Deborah Kacanek, ScD, HSPH; violence and prisoners, 
Research Scientist at Harvard School of Public Health Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research, 
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Tufts University Medical School

Gregory P. Keane, MPH, HSPH; suicide prevention
, Consultant/psychiatrist, Alfred Health, Melbourne, Australia

Lisa Marie Knowlton, MD, MPH, HSPH; homicide, 
Surgical Research Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Hiraku Kumamaru, ScD, HSPH; global burden of suicide, 
HSPH doctoral student

Josie Lehrer, ScD, HSPH; depression and sexual risk behaviors among adolescents
Senior research associate, Bixby Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy, University of California, San Francisco

Glaister Leslie, BS, Wesleyan; violence
, Master’s programme in Development Evaluation & Management, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Kaja Lewinn, ScD, HSPH; breastfeeding and IQ, substance abuse, Post-doctoral Fellow, The Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Program, UC Berkeley/UC San Francisco

Zhonghe Li, PhD, HSPH; intentional injury among youth, Senior Statistical Programmer, Health Policy and Management, HSPH

Erika Lichter, ScD, HSPH; violence and prisoner, Assistant Research Professor, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Augusta, University of Southern Maine

Dahianna Lopez, RN, MSN, MPH; transportation-related injuries, PhD Student, Harvard University

Ola Madamidola, summer intern; firearm researchers database, Student, Bryn Mawr College

Steven Moylan, MPH, HSPH; global burden of suicide, Psychiatry Registrar, Barwon Health, Australia

Harry Moskowitz, MD, MS, Tufts University; female youth violence, Pediatrician, Division of General Pediatrics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY.

Shaun Noronha, MBBS, MPH, HSPH; global burden of injury, Health Workforce Officer, Capacity Plus, IntroHealth Int

April Opoliner, ScD candidate, HSPH; risk factors for suicide, Department of Epidemiology, HSPH

Theresa L. Osypuk, ScD, HSPH; firearms, Assistant Professor, Dept of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Niki Palmetto, PhD, HSPH; suicide prevention
, Department of Epidemiology, Columbia University, NY.

Jaykar Panchmatia, MPH, HPSH; motor vehicles, 
Royal College of Surgeons, England

Angela Paradis, ScD, HSPH; epidemiology
, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Community Health, Brown University

Elliott Pittel, MD, MPH, HSPH; firearms and psychiatrists
, Psychiatrist, The Home for Little Wanderers, Boston, MA

Geetha Reddy, MPH, HSPH; emergency department responses to suicidal behavior
Resident, UCSF, psychiatry

Elizabeth Reed, ScD, HSPH; intimate partner violence, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University School of Public Health

David Rehkopf, ScD, MPH; intentional Injury, Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Erin Richardson, PhD, UCLA; firearms, Assistant Professor, University of Reno

Alecia Robinson, DrPH candidate, BUSPH; suicide and means restriction 
Student, Boston University School of Public Health

Janet Rosenbaum, PhD, HSPH; drowning, firearm issues, 
Research Assistant Professor, University of Maryland

Sarah Rosenberg-Wohl, AB, Harvard College; suicide prevention, 
Student, Harvard College

Emily Rothman, ScD, HSPH; intimate partner violence, Associate Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health

Nobuo Sakata, MPH, HSPH; carbon monoxide suicides, Practicum project HSPH MPH program

Christelle Salomon, summer internship, infant safe sleep, Student, Tufts University

Pier Spinazze, summer research intern; self-defense gun use
. Physician, Helen Joseph Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa

Deborah Stone ScD, HSPH; suicide prevention, Behavioral Scientist, NCIPC, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Theresa Stichick Betancourt, ScD, MA, HSPH; intentional injury among youth, Assistant Professor of Child Health and Human Rights, HSPH

Nancy Street, ScD student, HSPH; sleep and youth aggressive behaviors, Dept of Society, Human Development, and Health, HSPH

Shalini Tendulkar, ScD, HSPH; youth violence, Research Associate, Institute for Community Health, Cambridge Health Alliance

Irene Tien, MD, Boston University; child abuse, Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Boston Medical Center

Matthew Trokel, MD, New Medical Center; child abuse, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Tufts Medical Center

Matthew Trowbridge, MD, New England Medical Center; cost-effectiveness of violence prevention Clinical Lecturer, Research Fellow, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Injury Research Center, Univ. of Michigan

Kuan-Chiao Tseng, MD, ScD, HSPH ; suicide, mental health, Clinical Psychiatrist, Dept of Psychiatry, National Taiwan University Hospital

Reginald Tucker-Seeley ScD student, HSPH; geography and social determinants of youth violence Research Associate, Dept of Society, Human Development, and Health, HSPH

Christina Uhrig, summer intern; firearms and public health, Student, Harvard College

Mary Vriniotis, MS, HSPH; firearm surveillance, Scientist, Inter-American Development Bank.

Sabrina Walsh, DrPH, University of Kentucky; homicide and suicide. 
Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, University of Kentucky

Richard White, MPH, doctoral candidate biostatistics, HSPH; veteran suicide. 
Biostatistician, World Health Organization

Matthew Wray, PhD, HSPH; suicide prevention. 
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Temple University