Seminar Archives 1998-1999

October 1, 1998

Lifetime Victimization Among Incarcerated Women

Angela Browne, PhD
Senior Scientist, HICRC
Soros Justice Fellow

November 5, 1998

The Use of Simulators fot Evaluate the Effects of Alcohol

Jonathan Howland, PhD
Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Boston University

December 3, 1998

Disabling Occupational Morbidity in the US: An Alternative Way of Seeing the BLS Data.

Theodore Courtney, MS, CSP
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Research Center for Safety and Health

January 7, 1999

Developing the Gun Surveillance Questionnaire

David Hemenway, PhD
Professor of Health Policy
Director, Harvard Injury Control Research Center

February 5, 1999

Injury Surveillance Using Multiple Linked Sources

David Clark, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
University of Vermont College of Medicine

March 4, 1999

A Crossover Study of Occupational Hand Injuries

Gary Sorock, PhD
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Research Center for Safety and Health

April 1, 1999

A Public Health Frontier: Suicide Prevention

Lloyd Potter, PhD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control
Youth Violence/Suicide Prevention Team
On assignment to:MA Department of Public Health

May 6, 1999

Internationl Trade: A Challenge for Inury control

Bruce Farquhar
Secretary General
European Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in Standardization (ANEC)

October 14, 1999

A Car Seat and Bike Helmet Education and Distribution Program in an Urban Children’s Hospital: Funding, Outcomes, and Program Planning

Judy Shaw, RN
Massachusetts Poison Control Center
Children’s Hospital, Boston MA

November 4, 1999

The Influence of First- and Second-Generation Antihistimines and Alcohol on Driving Performance

John Bloomfield, PhD
Visiting Scholar
Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health

December 2, 1999

Age of Drinking Onset and Unintentional Injury

Ralph Hingson, ScD, MPH
Chair of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department
Boston University School of Public Health