About Us

From right: John Spengler, Joan Arnold, Joseph Brain, Memo Cedeño Laurent, Lisa Boehm, Zhao Dong.

The mission of the Hoffman Program on Chemicals and Health is to advance the understanding of environmental and chemical intolerance in people and to reduce the risk of contaminant exposures.

The Hoffman Program was founded in 2014 with a generous bequest from Ms. Marilyn B. Hoffman. It is dedicated to the study of chemical and particle exposures and their subsequent human health effects. We focus on environmental and chemical intolerance, commonly known as multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), also known as toxic-induced loss of tolerance (TILT)or DELTA.  This last term, DELTA, emphasizes the ways in which earlier exposures alter responses to subsequent exposures.

To fulfill our mission, the Hoffman Program offers:

  • Pilot Grant Program to fund research related to MCS/TILT/DELTA
  • Research collaboration opportunities
  • Seminar series, workshops, and lectures, featuring leading scientists in the field
  • Library of scientific articles and information relevant to chemical sensitivities
  • Strategies for mitigating and preventing these syndromes, providing guidance for individuals afflicted with MCS/TILT/DELTA and professionals (e.g., physicians, architects, and others) to better manage chemicals and potentially harmful exposures in the environment