Pilot Projects

The ongoing and completed pilot projects funded by the Hoffman Program include:

2017 Cohort

Chemical Content of Airline Crew Uniforms
Assessing Virtual Experience of Indoor Chemical Exposure



2016 Cohort

Ribosomal DNA as an Epigenetic Modulator
Pulmonary Exposure to Aerosolized Cosmetics
Metabolic Diseases Linked to Early Life Pollutant Exposures



2015 Cohort

Healthy Green Campus Project
air crew uniforms
Investigation of Airline Crew Health Complaints Before and After New Uniforms
animal models
DELTA: Do Repeated Pulmonary Exposures to Zinc Induce Sensitization or Adaptation?





breast milk
Breast Milk Exosomes and Mechanisms of Immunotoxicity from PFCs and PCBs
Environmental Risk Factors for Autism in Israel