Public and Biological Security

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Project on the Public and Biological Security conducts opinion surveys to assess public knowledge, attitudes, and behavior in response to threats of health and safety emergencies including terrorism / bioterrorism and emerging infectious diseases, as well as global climate change and its health consequences. The Project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through a cooperative agreement with the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative to provide CDC and other public officials with technical assistance for public health communication by monitoring public response to emerging health threats.


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Working Papers

WP 1: The Public Response to the Anthrax Threats

WP 2: The Impact of Anthrax Incidents in Three Metropolitan Areas

WP 3: Public Attitudes about the Threat of a Smallpox Attack

WP 4: Report on “ER” Viewers Who Saw the Smallpox Episode

WP 5: Public Attitudes, Belief and Knowledge about Smallpox

WP 6: West Nile Virus

WP 7: Improving Government Communications with the Public in as Bioterrorist Attack

WP 8: Readiness

WP 9: Americans’ Response to SARS (I)

WP 10: SARS (II)

WP 11: SARS in Toronto and the U.S.

WP 12: West Nile Virus II

WP 13: Flu I

WP 14: Mad Cow Disease

WP 15: Airline Contagious Diseases

WP 16: West Nile Virus III

WP 17: Flu Vaccine

WP 18: Obesity

WP 19: Avian Flu

WP 20: High-Risk Area Hurricane 

WP 21: H1N1 Vaccine Baseline

WP 22: H1N1 Pregnant Women and New Mothers

WP 22: Appendix A, Pregnant Women Charts

WP 22: Appendix B, New Mothers Charts

WP 23: Release of Anthrax in an Unidentified Location