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History of the Channing Laboratory

The Channing Laboratory was already a world-renowned infectious disease and epidemiologic research laboratory when it became a part of Brigham and Women's Hospital in 1975. The activities of today's researchers have evolved from the objectives established by the founders of the Channing Street Home for Sick and Destitute Women, which served as a treatment center for tuberculosis patients from 1857 until 1958. After its closing, the Trustees of the Channing Home established a laboratory dedicated to the study of infectious and pulmonary diseases. Under the guidance of the Channing Laboratory's first Director, Dr. Edward H. Kass, researchers expanded their focus to include epidemiologic methods and the study of chronic diseases. Following the precedent set by these pioneers in infectious disease and epidemiologic research, today's scientists maintain the Channing Laboratory's reputation as one of Harvard's foremost multidisciplinary research institutions.

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