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July 6, 2011

WBUR Interviews Dr. Emily Rothman on the Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship
Listen to the Morning Edition segment with Dr. Rothman here.

February 6, 2011

Boston Globe article on “Violence a lure for foreign teenagers”
This article highlights a study which used data from our 2008 Boston Youth Survey.  Read article here.

February 2011

Journal of School Violence Special Issue
The Journal of School Violence is having a special issue in spring 2011, titled Social Context of Bullying and Peer Victimization: Implications for Prevention and Early Intervention”. One of the guest editors is Renee Johnson, and one of her articles in the issue uses data from the 2008 Boston Youth Survey. You can read about the articles featured in this issue here.

January 2011

Gun Carriers Overestimate Peer Gun Carrying
A new study led by David Hemenway finds that students who overestimate gun carrying by their peers are more likely to carry guns themselves. The study, in the current online issue of the Journal of Adolescence, uses data from the 2008 Boston Youth Survey. Read the abstract

December 2010

Dating Violence Perpetrators Perpetrate Other Violence
The current issue of Pediatrics features a study by Dr. Emily Rothman using 2008 BYS data. Her study found that 1 in 5 youth perpetrate dating violence, and that those perpetrators were likely to have physically hurt a peer or sibling as well.

News Coverage:

Time Magazine
MedPage Today


August 2010

Boston Youth Survey in the Dorchester Reporter
Local group Viet-AID takes aim at youth violence in Fields Corner. Read here for article.


June 2010

Hemenway presents BYS research to Mayor Menino
David Hemenway presented results from the Boston Youth Survey at a meeting of regional grantmakers. Mayor Menino was among those in attendance.

Surveillance Lessons Learned from HYVPC
The Spring 2010 issue of the national ACE newsletter includes an article from Drs. Azrael and Johnson about creating the Boston Data Project.


May 2010

HYVPC hosts Non-violent Communication Trainings
On Friday evening, May 16, HYVPC hosted an introductory workshop (open to the public) on Non-violent Communication (NVC) by international expert Jorge Rubio. The following Wednesday he conducted a more advanced day-long workshop on NVC with our 10 community partner agencies. Both workshops were well attended and a great success.

Do the Write Thing Annual Recognition Ceremony

On May 19, the Boston Chapter of the National Coalition to Stop Violence hosted its annual “Do the Write Thing” recognition ceremony to honor winners and participants of their middle school violence prevention essay contest. Over 1000 essays were entered by Boston youth, and the two winners are sent to Washington DC for the national recognition ceremony in July. HYVPC’s Mary Vriniotis is on the board for the Boston chapter and said the event was well attended by students, parents, and teachers from all over Boston.


April 2010

HYVPC staff receive Certificate of Recognition from Boston’s Mayor
Deb Azrael and Mary Vriniotis each received a Certificate of Recognition from Mayor Menino for their contributions to the Grove Hall survey of “disconnected” (out of school and unemployed) youth mentioned below. We are proud to be of service to the Mayor’s youth violence prevention efforts!


March 2010

HYVPC partners with neighborhood agency to survey local youth
Last summer, Deborah Azrael and Mary Vriniotis were invited by the Mayor’s Office to join a steering committee that was convened to study youth living in the Grove Hall neighborhood who were unemployed and not enrolled in school during the previous spring. They helped Project RIGHT, a local nonprofit serving residents of Grove Hall, develop a survey of youth ages 16-24, which was subsequently administered to over 1000 youth. HYVPC analyzed the data side by side with survey administrators from Project RIGHT, themselves young adults formerly unemployed high school dropouts, and coauthored a final report with Project RIGHT on the survey findings. Check our website for an announcement when the report is published!


February 2010

HYVPC learns about social marketing and youth violence prevention
Last month, Julia Mejia, founder of Creative Mill, Inc., a local communications agency, gave a presentation to our community partners on effectively using media and marketing techniques to promote youth violence prevention. A former MTV employee, Ms. Mejia has extensive experience marketing messages to youth.


January 2010

“Creating a Youth Violence Data System for Boston, Massachusetts,” a recent article by Deborah Azrael et al. published in the Australia & New Zealand Journal of Criminology highlights the activities and accomplishments of the Harvard Youth Violence Center, the City of Boston, and 10 grassroots partners.

“Emotional Distress Among LGBT Youth: The Influence of Perceived Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation,” a paper by Joanna Almeida, and Renee Johnson, et al. published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, analyzes the Boston Youth Survey Data on youth violence and sexual orientation. LGBT youth are far more likely than others to be victims of violence, and have elevated risk of self-harm and suicide ideation.