Boston Youth Survey

2008 Boston Youth Survey

The 2008 Boston Youth Survey was administered to 1,878 youth in 22 public high schools across Boston this spring. Click here for a set of tables featuring results from this survey. You can download the survey instrument here.

2006 Boston Youth Survey

In Fall 2007 HYVPC released “2006 Boston Youth Survey Highlights”, a 13-page summary of key findings from the 2006 BYS. 1233 high school students from 18 Boston Public Schools were randomly selected to participate in this survey. Thirty percent of respondents were born outside the U.S., and over half said both their parents were born outside the U.S. Forty-nine percent were Black Non-Hispanic, 28% were Hispanic/Latino, 12% were White Non-Hispanic, and six percent were Asian.

Compared to 2004, students in 2006 reported feeling safer, were less likely to carry guns or have had contact with the police, and were more likely to trust the police. Other key findings:

  • 74% said they take advantage of resources available in their schools or neighborhoods
  • 77% indicated there is at least one adults they can talk with about personal problems
  • 65% reported witnessing one or more acts of violence in the past year, and 28% reported being assaulted
  • The percent who rarely or never felt safe on an MBTA bus or train decreased from 41% in 2004 to 28% in 2006. However, public transit remains the location where the highest percent of youth report feeling unsafe.
  • 31% carried a knife in the previous 12 months, and 6% carried a gun.
  • 42% said it would be very or fairly easy for them to get a gun
  • While 72% said they would disclose having seen a crime, 28% said they would not report it to an authority.

HYVPC is excited to explore these and other survey results with its many collaborators and stakeholders. We invite you to download the survey instrument and Highlights document and contact us with your questions about these findings or additional analyses that interest you.

Downloads from the 2006 survey:

PDF of survey instrument.

2006 Boston Youth Survey Highlights” (10 pages)

Factsheet: School safety and violence

Factsheet: Snitching

Factsheet: Gun carrying

2004 Boston Youth Survey

The Report of the 2004 Boston Youth Survey was released in Fall 2005. It is based on a representative sample of 1079 9th-12th graders from Boston Public Schools (including exam and charter schools.) The release of this report was a major milestone in the longterm productive collaboration between HYVPC and the City of Boston.

This information was put to extensive use in improving the day-to-day lives of Boston’s youth. Data from the survey informed ongoing collaborations between the City, HYVPC, Grassroots Community Organizations, area funders, and other stakeholders.

This report informed and complemented ongoing human services planning for the Boston Metropolitan area and represents an enormous collaborative success. We hope readers will find the report interested and useful, and will share our ongoing commitment to positive development for Boston youths and neighborhoods.

Downloads from the 2004 survey:

PDF of the report highlights (2 pages)

PDF of the full report (114 pages)

Factsheet: School Safety and Violence

Factsheet: Findings about Girls

Factsheet: Gun carrying