Faculty and Staff


Deborah Azrael, PhD
Associate Director
Ph: 617-432-0473, Email: azrael@hsph.harvard.edu

Catherine Barber, MPA
Research Manager
Ph: 617-432-1143, Email: cbarber@hsph.harvard.edu

David Hemenway, PhD
Ph:617-432-4493, Email: hemenway@hsph.harvard.edu

Coppelia Liebenthal
Center Administrator
Ph: 617-432-3420, Email: hicrc@hsph.harvard.edu

Dahianna Lopez
Research Assistant
Ph: 617-432-4519, Email: dlopez@hsph.harvard.edu

Matthew Miller, MD, MPH, ScD
Associate Director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center
Ph: 617-432-1459, Email: mmiller@hsph.harvard.edu

Beth Molnar, ScD
Associate Professor, Department of Society, Human Development, and Health
Ph: 617-432-2433, Email: bmolnar@hsph.harvard.edu

Jay Silverman, ScD, MPH, MSW
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Society, Human Development, and Health
Ph: 617-496-0081, Email: jsilverm@hsph.harvard.edu

Mary Vriniotis, MS
Research Specialist and Comunications Liaison
Ph: 617-432-0085, Email: mvriniot@hsph.harvard.edu



Joanna Almeida, ScD, MPH, MSW
Associate Research Scientist, Northeastern University College of Health Sciences
Ph: 617-373-5643, Email: J.Almeida@neu.edu

Renee M. Johnson, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Dept of Social and Behavioral Sciences, BU School of Public Health
Ph:617-638-4666, Email: rjohnson@bu.edu

Emily Rothman, ScD
Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health
Ph: (617) 414-1385, Email: erothman@bu.edu

Robert Sege, MD
Division Director, Ambulatory Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center
Ph: 617-414-2793, Email: robert.sege@bmc.org



Please visit our Advisory Board page for a listing of our Scientific Advisory Committee.