Proposed IHP Activities

A key function of IHP will be to help finance, organize, and manage activities that enhance the School-India partnership. These activities will include:

  • An annual IHP symposium – a themed meeting to disseminate new knowledge and develop new initiatives to address public health needs. The location of the symposium would alternate each year between India and Boston.
  • Sponsorship each year for specific technical meetings between Indian and the School faculty and researchers to mobilize and facilitate new research initiatives, balanced in location between India and Boston.
  • A web-based up-to-date communication and dissemination platform. This platform will include a results exchange, networking functions and e-training opportunities between the School and diverse Indian sites.
  • Student exchanges – building on the School’s current January term program in India and developing a matching program for Indian students and junior faculty to come to Harvard for research and training opportunities.
  • Research grants to support travel and teaching for the School and Indian faculty.
  • Enabling grant development – assistance to the School and Indian partners in obtaining funding and in effective management of international grants and contracts.
  • Development of effective partnerships with private sector sponsors and collaborators through (a) development efforts with US and India-based private sector sponsors and (b) building up research collaborations with private partners in India.
  • Quarterly meetings featuring speakers focusing on health research and study in India

In addition, IHP can be a focal point for developing new research and educational initiatives as desired by faculty at the School and Indian partners. See the IHP summary for  more information about this initiative.