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Screenshot 2014-05-19 13.41.08Health and South Asia inaugural publication by the South Asia Institute at Harvard

Released January 2014

This publication compiles a wide representation of the important, and occasionally surprising ways, in which people find solutions to public health problems in South Asia. The following sections look at India specific issues:

  1. “More Money, More Health? An India Tale” by Peter Berman;
  2. “India Patent Law and the Novartis Case: An Interview with Feroz Ali Khader” by Madhav Khosla;
  3. “Health Care Financing in India” by Nachiket Mor;
  4. “Leapfrog Technology and Epidemiology at the World’s Largest Human Gathering” by Satchit Balsari; and
  5. “Water Pollution and Public Health in India: The Potential for a Market-Friendly Approach” by Michael Greenstone, Raahil Madhok, Rohini Pande, and Hardik Shah.

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