Visiting Scientists & Scholars

Sanjay K. Mohanty is a visiting scientist (2015-16) with the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies at the school. Dr. Mohanty is from the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, India, where he is Professor in the Department of Fertility Studies. His research interests include the economics of ageing, health financing, and the nexus of poverty, inequality and human development. Dr. Mohanty is active in the Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI), a pioneering study undertaken as a collaborative effort of the School, IIPS, and University of Southern California. As a visiting scientist at the Pop Center, Dr. Mohanty will explore the linkages between demographic change and economic inequality in India. He holds a PhD in population sciences and a Master’s in economics.

He is co-author on a working paper published by the Asia Research Institute (ARI) that explores the reasons behind the discontinuation of contraceptives in India, and leads to some recommendations on ways to improve the continuation of use.

Shaloo Puri is a Visiting Scientist at the School in Global Health Systems and a Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2015-16).

Dr. Puri is a physician and public health professional, with expertise in health policy and strategy and in designing, leading, and assessing public private partnerships at regional and global levels, regarding both disease-specific interventions and broader health systems strengthening.

Priya Agrawal is working with Atul Gawande on the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist Program. She is responsible for developing the maternal components of the Safe Childbirth Checklist, the implementation package and the pilot study in Karnataka, India. In addition, Dr. Agrawal collaborated with Dr. Ana Langer to develop the Women and Health Initiative at HSPH.

Dr. Agrawal research interests center on delivering high quality women’s healthcare. From 2009-2010 she was seconded as a Clinical Advisor to the Medical Director at the National Patient Safety Agency and was awarded a grant by Target Ovarian Cancer to complete a report on the design of an International Cancer Benchmarking Study to investigate the reasons for the comparatively low survival from ovarian cancer in the U.K. In 2008 she was awarded an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship to enable her to formally integrate her research interests in Global Health with her clinical commitments. Also in 2008 she was selected as an Emerging Clinical Leader. Previous international experience includes Program Lead for CLASP (Cervical Cancer Association for Screening and Prevention) where on return from her Masters in Public Health at Harvard whilst continuing her clinical training, she worked with a group of volunteers to set up one of the first single visit screening programs in Nigeria for cervical cancer. She has worked and taught in Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysian Borneo, India and Thailand.

Sudha Ramalingam is a Fulbright scholar who recently visited the School for a semester. She is working with the Environmental health division, on the Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program.

In India, Dr. Ramalingam works as faculty in the department of Community Medicine and also directs the research programs at PSG (P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu & Sons) Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (IMS&R), Coimbatore in South India. IMS&R has a 1000 bed hospital and access to large urban, rural, and tribal populations through its community outreach centers.

Ayshwarya Subramanian Computational Biology, Biostatistics, Translational Medicine
Nitin Jain Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Environmental Health
Vishal Vaidya Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health
Anoop Pal Research Fellow
Manish Arora Visiting Scientist
Kunjal Patel Research Scientist in the Department of Epidemiology
Amit Joshi Research Fellow in the Department of Epidemiology
Angana Mukherjee Research Associate in Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases