Where We Work

Indicator Validation Research in Three Countries

The IMHM Project is leading innovative research to validate maternal health indicators that target distal determinants (social, political, economic, and health system-level determinants) of maternal health and survival. This original multi-country research study comprises six separate indicator validation exercises, each with unique methods, conducted in Argentina, Ghana, and India.  The studies aim to validate nine maternal health indicators that assess determinants of maternal health and survival at the health system and policy level; two of the studies combine or cross-validate indicators that seek to measure related constructs.  Validation research on health system and policy-level indicators is not common, and therefore this work is expected to contribute new knowledge and lessons learned on validation methodology to the field. The indicators for validation were selected based on rigorous prioritization exercises and consultations with key stakeholders at both global and national levels. The selected indicators range across the EPMM 11 Key Themes and thus reflect measures of maternal health policy, financing, workforce, and service coverage.

National Dialogues

The IMHM Project Team partnered with White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) and Management Sciences for Health (MSH)  to host a series of 7 national multi-stakeholder dialogues in Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Mexico, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria. These dialogues were co-sponsored by Ministries of Health and other key partners in each country and focused on Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality (EPMM). Each national dialogue convened key in-country stakeholders within and beyond the maternal health sector (e.g., representatives of the Ministry of Health (MOH), civil society organizations, care programmers and providers, community leaders, maternal health advocates, and others).

The objectives of these dialogues were to:

  1. Review and discuss the Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality (EPMM) Strategies and related indicators and how they may advance maternal health
  2. Identify opportunities to integrate and strengthen focus on social determinants of maternal health within relevant national policies, plans and programs
  3. Identify country strategic priorities for ending preventable maternal mortality and ways to strengthen monitoring and use of data from distal and social indicators to help measure progress
  4. Build on the availability and use of existing monitoring data to identify key advocacy needs and opportunities for advancing maternal health

Meeting Reports and Dates: