In Han Song

Visiting Scientist

Department of Health Policy and Management

Professor In Han Song is a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Health Policy and Management since his sabbatical year(2019-20) from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, doing research at the Harvard Injury Control Research Center (Director Professor David Hemenway).

He is Faculty Director of the Institute for Youth & Culture, Professor in Health & Mental Health Welfare Policy, Director of the Convergence Academy at the Institute of Convergence Science, and Founding Director of Social Engagement & Sustainable Development Goals at Yonsei, and also a Visiting Professor at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, Lithuania.

He has been involved in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a founding director of social engagement at the Institute for Global Engagement & Empowerment where Former United Nations Secretary-General Dr. Ban Ki-moon serves as Honorary Director. Dr. Song is currently developing women’s rights and global health projects with international organizations such as KWDI and Max Planck Foundation. He is actively serving the Korean Government on several national committees including Priem Minister’s National Committee on Suicide Prevention Policy, Evaluation Committee on Health & Medicine, and Advisory Committee on Gender Equality. In the private sector, he was a member of the Future Technology Research Group at Samsung Electronics.

At Harvard Chan School, he began writing a book on the safety issue in society, inspired by Professor David Hemenway’s book ‘While We Were Sleeping’, and conduct researches including a cross-national comparison on suicide while at Harvard Injury Control Research Center. Another project he is currently doing is to construct a database on suicide and homicide in Korea applying the National Violent Death Reporting System in the US.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago where his interdisciplinary doctoral research topic was on the biological and social factors associated with women’s moods. His current research areas include integration of health/mental health & welfare, suicide prevention, health disparities, and convergence research methodology. He has published several books including ‘Convergence Research Methodology’ and more than 70 journal articles internationally and domestically. He appeared on a popular lecture series show ‘JTBC Distinguished Class’ on the topic of suicide prevention. As a columnist, he has written ‘In Han Song’s Perspective’ and ‘Scent of Life’ at Joongang Daily, one of the most influential newspapers in Korea.