Renovation of Kresge LL19 Office Area

From December 26, 2013, through January 17, 2014 (winter recess and winter session), Kresge LL19 will be undergoing a modest renovation to the office area.

Benefits of the renovation include:

  • Consolidation of staff members that support teaching and learning
  • Larger area for student workers and student support
  • Collaborative area for tutorials and document sharing

While we will attempt to minimize impact to computer laboratory usage in LL19, it may periodically be noisy.  Computer laboratories in Kresge 209, Kresge 210, and Kresge LL6 are available for use and quiet study.

The renovation does not impact the number of available computers in Kresge LL19.  No changes are being made to the carrel space.

Kresge LL19 Laboratory

Kresge LL19 Student Computing Laboratory