New Staff Additions: Jerry Hong, H Hsu, and Junior Pericles

We are pleased to welcome Jinhui (Jerry) Hong, Ryan (H) Hsu, and Wisly (Junior) Pericles to the Department of Information Technology as user support assistants.

They replace our interns Xinru He, Zechen (Mark) Jin, and Mayrelis Sanchez. Xinru and Mark have returned to Northeastern to continue their studies, whereas Mayrelis was hired onto our user services team as a full time staff member.

Jinhui Hong, or Jerry as he prefers, is one of our two Northeastern coops for the Spring 2019 semester. He will be with us from January through June. Jerry is a junior studying computer science. He enjoys meeting different people and helping to solve technology issues. He is looking forward to learning interesting things about computer hardware during his internship.

Jinhui "Jerry" Hong, user support assistant
Jinhui (Jerry) Hong, user support assistant

After graduation, Jerry is looking forward to exploring more of the world. He has lived in many different places spending his childhood in Beijing and while growing up in the southeastern part of China.

Interesting fact: he is a part-time photographer and enjoys nature.

Ryan Hsu, or H as he prefers, is also one of our Northeastern coops for the Spring, 2019 semester.  He will be with us from January through June. He is a 4th year linguistics major originally from Portland, Oregon.   H has experience using Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. He is fascinated by UI design, so for him, every day in IT is a tour of what things could be better designed.

Ryan "H" Hsu, user support assistant
Ryan (H) Hsu, user support assistant

H is seeking a career in use interface design after graduating.

Interesting fact: he types in the Dvorak keyboard layout.

Wisly Pericles, or Junior as he prefers, is our Year Up intern for Spring, 2019. He will be with us from February through July. He grew up in Malden, where he and his family still reside.

He is intrigued by our modern world where we rely so much in on technology and how technology impacts our lives. He takes great satisfaction in helping people with their technical issues.

Wisly "Junior" Pericles, user support assistant
Wisly (Junior) Pericles, user support assistant

In Junior’s free time, he loves coaching his high school wrestling team, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Interesting facts: He was an all-star division 1 high school state wrestler and he also led his football team in tackles!

Please join us in welcoming Jerry, H, and Junior to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s IT Department!