New Staff Addition: Okella Wood

Okella Wood
Okella Wood, senior user support specialist

Okella (pronounced Oh-kel-ah) Wood is the newest member of our Field Support Services Team. Okella (or Oak for short) joined us as a Senior User Support Specialist on April 14th. He is a Boston native and has devoted himself to the IT field.

Okella got his start doing network wiring in the Arlington, MA elementary schools. This opened Okella’s eyes to the world of IT. He then moved on to transportation and audio companies in various locations. In California, he worked for Roku as a consulting ambassador. In London, he built an entire satellite IT office including a server room.

Customer satisfaction and problem-solving are Okella’s driving forces.  He’s very interested in both server management and data management.

Please join us in welcoming Okella to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health!

Interesting facts: Oak enjoys skateboarding, electronic entertainment and all things outdoor.