P Drive to OneDrive Migration

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As part of our continuing efforts to make teaching and working from home better and easier, I.T. is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with our partners at HUIT, we launched a project to migrate personal user data stored on network P: drives to OneDrive cloud storage. Easier working from home, brought to you by the Department of Information Technology.

OneDrive offers many benefits over the P: drive, including:

  • no VPN required to access OneDrive off campus
  • easy desktop access to your OneDrive files on both the Mac and Windows desktop
  • open and save files directly to and from OneDrive
  • 2 terabytes of personal storage space
  • a mobile application for access on iOS and Android devices
  • the ability to easily share files with other Harvard colleagues

Please note there is no change to the S: drive, G: drive, or any other network drives.

New to one drive?

We offer training classes online, and you can find Getting Started materials here.

The data migration is performed during a simple overnight process, and improves the usability of cloud storage for all faculty and staff who participate.  If for any reason you do not wish to use OneDrive, we can leave your P drive untouched.

The entire migration can be completed while we are off campus.  After completing a successful pilot in IT this summer, we are ready to move to staff and faculty.  We will compile batches of users, and migrate twice a week with advance notification and follow up sent to all participating users.

The first migrations begin in November, and all faculty and staff will be personally notified ahead of migration with advance notice for planning and preparation.