New Staff Addition: Charley Gibney

A portrait of Charley Gibney

We are pleased to welcome Charley Gibney to the web and application development team.

Charley (pronouns: she, her, hers & they, them, theirs) earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and philosophy from Gordon College, and a Master of Studies in creative writing from the University of Oxford.

Prior to joining the IT team at HSPH, Charley was Sr. Developer, Digital Solutions at the Center on the Developing Child at HGSE, developing their WordPress websites and Salesforce instance. Before that, she held a range of tech-related positions including SharePoint admin, technical trainer, and assistant director of a copy desk for an online publisher (and, for one summer in college, seller of preppy clothes at J. Crew).

Charley loves the technical challenges presented by writing code and working with large web apps, and, nerdily, is thrilled when thinking about ways that tech can save people time and effort.

She grew up in Colorado Springs, CO.

Interesting facts: Charley is a published poet and amateur quilter, who is always up for Parks & Rec reruns. She enthusiastically (though not always conversantly) speaks Italian. She lives in Dorchester with her fiancée, Sally, and their two cats, Atticus and Millie.