Student VDI Information and Updates

VDI icon

We recently released a new student VDI image on August 22. It encompasses the latest versions of 60+ software titles, vendor patches, feature updates, and other changes to the desktop environment.

To make this the most useful image possible, we survey the school’s teaching faculty for additions and/or changes to the software included based upon what is being taught in the classrooms. Then, after extensive testing run-throughs via a checklist and end-user testing, we roll-out the new image. All of this is done with no outage to the students.

The VDI system also allows us to customize a specific image or “pool of VDI Computers” to an individual class’s needs. For example, we have added a shortcut to the user’s Desktop and have also added a special piece of software to the base image. When a class participant logs in, they are offered the special image to use.

Our next roll-out is scheduled for January 2023.