The Transformation of Kresge LL6

Kresge LL-6

Modernizing Learning Spaces

In the lower level of Kresge, LL6 is often remembered as the space filled with desktops and large displays. Students can often be seen leaning into screens reviewing large data sets and performing intense calculations as part of their coursework. As teaching and learning has constantly evolved, learners around the school can often be seen taking out laptops or iPads before class to take notes, and open applications, they need to keep up with the demands of their studies. This trend has made its way to impacting the way LL6 is used today.

Guided by the valuable insights obtained through surveys of LL6 power users conducted over the past academic year, it became clear that the space needed to lean into the future.  Some of the feedback received was that the displays were obstructing the view of the instructor and their PowerPoint presentations. Learners needed more space for their laptops which they often brought to class. The learner laptop of today could now meet and exceed the demands of the course that in the past could only be handled with a robust desktop. It was time for a change.

Just after Convocation, the IT team went right into action and moved on the findings of the survey to transform the space and make it ready for learners and their own devices. Leaving only a few desktops behind, the room has transformed into a more open area with ample room for learners’ laptops, and clearer sight lines to see the instructor’s content. The substantial WiFi coverage improvements in LL6 thanks to the upgrades over the past academic year have readied this space for whatever a course demands.

Thanks to the many key insights provided by power users of the space, Kresge LL6 is now in a position to serve the variety of needs of teaching and learning at HSPH. The process leading to needed transformations shows the power of collaboration, showcasing how input from users can directly influence the creation of a space that is functional and has purpose.