Student VDI Information and Updates

We recently released a new student VDI image on August 22. It encompasses the latest versions of 60+ software titles, vendor patches, feature updates, and other changes to the desktop environment. To make this the most useful image possible, we survey the school’s teaching faculty for additions and/or changes to the software included based upon … Continue reading “Student VDI Information and Updates”

“If I were starting a new lab at SPH, what guidance does IT offer?”

The Department of Information Technology has created the following checklist to pose various questions that each lab should consider. The questions below are a starting point for beginning conversation with your trusted advisors in the IT department.  Each question can surely lead to more questions, and we are here to help.  Please do not hesitate … Continue reading ““If I were starting a new lab at SPH, what guidance does IT offer?””

IT Help Desk re-opening Monday March 21

The Department of Information Technology is pleased to announce that the Help Desk, located in Kresge LL-15, will re-open its doors on Monday morning, March 21st, at 8am.  Hours of operation will be Monday thru Friday, 8am to 4pm. Providing exceptional customer service remains our focus. In pursuit of that goal, we are launching a … Continue reading “IT Help Desk re-opening Monday March 21”

Data Privacy Week: 1/24-28

This week, January 24-28, is Data Privacy Week, a good opportunity for us to think about the choices we make with our data, and how organizations in government, academia, and the private sector use the data we entrust to them. Personal privacy choices All of us have an interest in understanding and, where possible, controlling … Continue reading “Data Privacy Week: 1/24-28”

WiFi Security for Old Operating Systems

As of January 10, 2022, the following changes will be made to secure Wi-Fi (“Harvard Secure” and “eduroam”) to maintain compliance with the Harvard Information Security Policy. Systems running versions of Windows prior to 8.1 will be prevented from on-boarding to “Harvard Secure” and “eduroam” as they are no longer supported by Microsoft.  This change … Continue reading “WiFi Security for Old Operating Systems”