Student Services and Information Systems FAQ

If you have specific questions regarding applications, registration, or financial aid, please contact these business offices directly.

Admissions Office

The Admissions Office processes applications for admission to the school, identifies prospective applicants, and advises them about the admissions process, opportunities offered by departments and programs, and the School’s potential contribution to their professional development.

Phone: 617-432-1031

Registrar Office

The Registrar’s Office enrolls students, registers students for classes, maintains student data and grades, monitors students’ compliance with degree requirements, certifies enrollment, bills students’ tuition, and schedules courses.

Phone: 617-432-1032

Office of Financial Aid

The role of the Office of Financial Aid is to assist students and applicants with financing their education at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health. The staff is committed to providing students and applicants with the information needed to make informed decisions about financing their Harvard Chan School education.

Phone: 617-432-1867

Have a question? Need help? or 617-432-HELP (4357)