Web Governance at Harvard Chan

Last updated 12/16/2021

Web Governance Committee

The Web Governance Committee is a web publishing and digital communication governance committee at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, meeting every 3 months, in charge of:

  • Establishing and revising web governance policies.
  • Answering web governance questions from the SPH community brought forth by Web Communications Working Group.
  • Reviewing and granting exceptions to established procedures and policies.
  • Providing feedback and suggestions to the Web Communications Working Group on priorities for improvements to the Web Publishing tools available to the community.

Current members are:

Todd Datz
Chief Communications Officer
Office of Communications

Deane Eastwood
Chief Information Officer
Department of Information Technology

Web Communications Working Group

The Web Communications Working Group is a group of web professionals from the Department of IT and Office of Communications, meeting weekly, that supports the Harvard Chan community in their digital communication efforts by offering consultations, training, and technical support. The group also works in partnership with the Governance Committee and other groups at the University to establish, communicate, and enforce policies impacting web communication activities.

Learn more about web publishing here. 

Get in touch by emailing digitalcomms@hsph.harvard.edu