Website Policies

  1. All websites that are an integral part of the academic program at HSPH must be hosted on the HSPH server and have a domain name.
  2. All websites that are hosted on main HSPH servers must utilize technology that is supported by the HSPH Office of Information Technology. Current technology is listed below.
  3. All websites hosted on HSPH server will resolve to a address as the primary website address unless another address is approved. If a group wishes to register a domain name for marketing purposes, i.e., they may do so and forward the home page address of to the hsph address. No .com domains may be used in any marketing efforts. .com domains may be registered and forwarded to .edu addresses only to eliminate the misuse of domain names by third parties. For instance, if you registered for marketing purposes, you should also registered to avoid misuse of your domain.
  4. Any address other than, must be approved first by the HSPH Dean’s Office and then by the Provost’s Office. For example, the site Your Disease Risk of the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention ( was approved both by the HSPH Dean’s Office and then by the Provost’s Office.From the Provost’s Office website:
    “Under the existing Use of Harvard name policy electronic communication or activity is treated similarly to other activities which require advance permission for the use of the University’s name or insignias. In order to meet the standards for granting approval, the activity being represented by the electronic address needs to be university-wide in nature, have institutional accountability and have no significant issues of confusion with activities elsewhere in the University.”

Required Content

All HSPH websites must contain the following information

  • A link in the footer that says “Harvard School of Public Health” and links to
  • A copyright statement on each page that says “Copyright, YEAR, President and Fellows of Harvard College”