Ingi Iusmen

Visiting Scholar

FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

Originally from Romania, I’m a lecturer at the University of Southampton (Politics) where I teach  and research topics linked to EU politics, public policy and the protection of children’s rights and human rights more generally.

As Fulbright-Schuman scholar at Harvard University, I am working with Professor Jacqueline Bhabha (my mentor) to understand how ‘durable solutions’ for unaccompanied migrant children are reached and what helps children’s resilience during the immigration process. The overarching aim of this timely and original research project is to generate policy recommendations conducive to durable solutions for child refugees and responsive to their views. I strongly believe that excellent academic research should help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable groups, such as refugee children. As a Fulbright-Schuman scholar I have the opportunity of using my US experience to benefit, on my return, the protection of child refugees in the EU. I believe that my time in the US will have a profound personal and professional impact on me and my career, as well as providing scientific evidence that could improve the plight of child refugees across the world.