Additional Research Topics


Additional Research Topics

Health Sector Reform  

Organizational and Policy Processes

Health Sector Reform in Poland and the Development of Regional Insurance Funds

Harvard and Health Reform in Colombia

A Decade of Health Reform in Developing Countries: Some Lessons

Social Health Insurance in Uganda: Is it Feasible?

Making Health Care Work Better
Through Reforms to Health Care Organization and Public and Private Provision

Analyzing the organization of provision

Policy Strategies to Address Pluralistic Health Care Markets

Other approaches to reforms in health care organization

Assessing the Impact of Aging Populations in Developing Countries on Health Expenditures

 Health Expenditures and the Elderly: A Survey of Issues in Forecasting, Methods Used, and Relevance for Developing Countries Executive Summary

 Developing National Health Accounts in Turkey

 The Role of Private Health Care Providers in Priority Public Health Programs

Health Systems Resource Center

Health System Reform Strategy for Andhra Pradesh State, India

 HIV/AIDS and Health Expenditures in Nigeria

 Nigeria HIV/AIDS Accounts Report

 Out-of-pocket Payments and Informal Payments for Health in Middle Income European Countries