Featured Course Participants

 -Oby U.


 “The HRH (Human Resources for Health) program was very helpful to me. I was motivated to further my studies in health in order to positively impact knowledge on the health community in Nigeria. I (am) currently doing a Doctorate in Health at the University of Bath in United Kingdom. Also, I was motivated to develop a start up company with my colleague…aims to make the residence doctors motivated to make healthcare traditionally acceptable, accessible, available and affordable to the Nigerian community. “


-Godefroid M.
Democratic Republic of the Congo

 “In August 2015, I attended the 2-weeks training on “Making decentralization work” in health systems at the Harvard (T.H. Chan) School of Public Health (HSPH) in Boston, Massachusetts. This course provided me more ability and skills to analyze and operate in a decentralized environment. This course felt in a good timing as the ministry of health (MOH) in the DRC is working on the reforms of the health system. These reforms lie on the bed of decentralization.

 As soon as I got back from HSPH, I shared my idea with the leadership of my office to invite the course in the DRC to assist the MOH. I worked with the KSPH (Kinshasa School of Public Health) and did connect them to HSPH. In February 2016, USAID DRC sponsored one-week trip of the head of department of strategic management (HoD/SM) in KSPH to HSPH. He worked with Pr Thomas Bossert, the director of the Decentralization course to customize one-week (decentralization) course for DRC…A core group of local experts from University of Kinshasa (political science and economics faculties) and ministry of decentralization contributed to the course.


 -Jose M.

 “I had the opportunity to learn from the latest available resources in management tools from the faculty but moreover, I learned in depth about the real health problems of the region from my colleagues and the different ways to address them. 

Having the opportunity to share with high-level health executives from the Latin America region, improved not only my management tools, learning from them, but also creating a very rich environment and network that I have until today


-South Africa
Tafadzwa N.
     South Africa

 “Greetings from South Africa. I would like to thank you for the great course I managed to attend on Strengthening Human Resources for Health. I was greatly helped, gained a lot of knowledge and skills on Human Resources for health which I will be able to make use of in my country context, South Africa.