Sebastien JPA Haneuse appointed as professor of biostatistics

Congratulation to Sebastien Haneuse for his promotion to professor of biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, on August 20, 2020.

Dr. Haneuse’s research focuses on the development and application of rigorous statistical methods for complex observational studies. Specifically, his methodological research encompasses three main areas: the analysis of semi-competing risks data; the design and analysis of outcome-dependent sampling schemes; and methods to adjust for selection bias due to missing data in electronic health records (EHR). In all three areas, Dr. Haneuse’s research seeks to develop methods that incorporate new or traditionally under-used data sources to yield valid inferences on quantities of scientific interest. A theme of Dr. Haneuse’s research is the tight integration of his methodological work with substantive research in public health and clinical research. His work has led to new methodologies that have yielded scientific knowledge across a range of clinical areas including Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, pediatric health, LGBTQ health, and hospital profiling. Throughout his research, Dr. Haneuse has focused on the development of practical methods for these goals, and the translation of these methods for general use in these and other fields.

In 2017, Dr. Haneuse was appointed Health Sciences and Technology Affiliated Faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and became a member of the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Faculty at Harvard Medical School. He has served on many committees within the University and nationally. Currently, Dr. Haneuse serves as co-chair of the Committee on the Advancement of Women (CAWF), reviewer on the Dean’s Activation Fund for Scientific Advancement, and member of the Research Platforms Advisory Committee at the Harvard Chan School. He is the recipient of many distinguished awards including the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Mentoring Award in 2017 and Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2019.

Dr. Haneuse earned a BSc in probability and statistics from the University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, an MSc in mathematics from Northern Arizona University, and an MSc and PhD in biostatistics from the University of Washington. In 2004, he became an assistant professor in the department of biostatistics at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Haneuse was appointed as assistant scientific investigator in the biostatistics unit at the Group Health Research Institute (now Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute) in 2005 and was promoted to associate scientific investigator in 2009. He joined the Harvard Chan School in 2010 as assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics and was promoted to associate professor in 2013.