Past Research Projects

Tools for exposure assessment of physical risk factors of VDT Workers (1999-2008):  We’ve developed field instruments to measure the frequency, duration and intensity of force and wrist posture during computer use. In addition, we have developed usage monitoring software that automatically measures keyboard and mouse activity.uppersmall

Preventing Falls from Ladders (2004-2010): We have developed and have tested an assessment tool that quantifies compliance to best practices ladder use for construction sites.  The tool will be used to quantify changes pre and post a ladder-use intervention research project.

Occupational Injuries among Boston Bike Messengers (2002):  We surveyed 113 bicycle couriers within the city of Boston about their work patterns and injury history.  Annual incidence rates were large at 47 injuries resulting in days away from work per 100-bike couriers.bike3

Using Muscle Fatigue as a marker of muscle fatigue (2001-2006):  Repetitive exercise changes muscle physiology, which manifests itself through localized muscle fatigue.  We have demonstrated that very low levels of exposure for an 8 hour day create low frequency fatigue and factors such as force, mechanical work, and duty cycle are factors in the muscle fatigue. This research has been completed with Peter Johnson of the University of Washington, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, and Steven Lehman at UC Berkeley

Vibrotactile Haptic Interfaces for Telerobotic Applications (1997-2000):  This extended my post-doc with Robert Howe in the biorobotics laboratory at Harvard.