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Fredberg lab

Presentation Video:  “Cell jamming and shape-shifting in collective cellular migration”. (2016.08.31 – Physical Sciences-Oncology Network at the National Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD)

Physics in biology – Physics in biology: soft cells. Nature; Physics Portal, September, 2001.

A cellular glass menagerie – A cellular glass menagerie, Geoff Brumfiel, Physical Review Focus, American Physical Society, 24 September, 2001.

Experiments Reveal How Cells Can Act Like Molten Glass – Experiments Reveal How Cells Can Act Like Molten Glass. Kristin Leutwyler, Scientific American.  2001

Clear as glassHarvard Public Health Review. 2007

A stretch in the cells . Nature, 2007.

Shape-shifting of Cells Gives Body Stretch . C. Humphries. ; Focus. HMS, 2007 

Softer side of cells. 2007

How growing cells move together.  CC Morton, Harvard Science Foundations, 2009.

Disorderly conduct. E Dougherty. HMS Focus, 2009.

A hard day in the life of a soft cell. Walter B. Cannon Memorial Lecture, American Physiological Society, 2010.

Dance of the cells: A minuet or a mosh?  2011