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Selected Recent Articles

Salomon JA, Carvalho N, Gutierrez-Delgado C, Orozco R, Mancuso A, Hogan DR, Lee D, Murakami Y, Sridharan L, Medina-Mora ME, Gonzalez-Pier E. Cost-effectiveness analysis of 101 intervention strategies to reduce the burden of noncommunicable diseases in Mexico. BMJ 2012; 344:e355. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Patel A, Neal B, Glasziou P, Grobbee DE, Chalmers J, Clarke PM. Comparability of patient-reported health status: multi-country analysis of EQ-5D responses in patients with type 2 diabetes. Medical Care 2011; 49(10):962-970.

Pande A, Ross-Degnan D, Zaslavsky A, Salomon JA. Effects of healthcare reforms on coverage, access and disparities: quasi-experimental analysis of evidence from Massachusetts. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2011; 41(1):1-8.

Hogan DR, Zaslavsky A, Hammitt JK, Salomon JA. Flexible epidemiologic model for estimation and short-term projections in generalized HIV/AIDS epidemics. Sexually Transmitted Infections 2010; 86(S2):ii84-ii92.

Clarke PM, Glasziou P, Patel A, Chalmers J, Woodward M, Harrap S, Salomon JA; ADVANCE Collaborative Group. Event rates, hospital utilization and costs associated with major complications of diabetes: a multi-country comparative analysis. PLoS Medicine 2010;7(2):e1000236.

Salomon JA, Nordhagen S, Oza S, Murray CJL. Are Americans feeling less healthy? The puzzle of trends in self-rated health in the United States. American Journal of Epidemiology 2009; 170(3):343-51.

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Nunn A, Fonseca EM, Bastos FI, Gruskin S, Salomon JA. Evolution of antiretroviral drug costs in Brazil in the context of free and universal access to AIDS treatment. PLoS Medicine 2007; 4(11):e305.

Salomon JA, Lloyd-Smith JO, Getz WM, Resch S, Sánchez MS, Porco TC, Borgdorff MW. Prospects for advancing tuberculosis control efforts through novel therapies. PLoS Med 2006; 3(8): e273. [Download PDF]

González-Pier E, Gutiérrez-Delgado C, Stevens G, Barraza-Lloréns M, Porras-Condey R, Carvalho N, Loncich K, Dias R, Kulkarni S, Casey A, Murakami Y, Ezzati M, Salomon JA. Priority-setting for health interventions in Mexico’s System of Social Protection in Health. Lancet 2006; 268(9547):1608-18. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Hogan DR, Stover J, Stanecki K, Walker N, Ghys PD, Schwartländer B. Integrating HIV prevention and treatment: from slogans to impact. PLoS Med 2005; 2(1): e16. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Weinstein MC, Goldie SJ. Taking account of future technology in cost-effectiveness analysis. BMJ 2004; 329(7468): 733-736. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Murray CJL. A multi-method approach to measuring health-state valuations. Health Economics 2004; 13(3): 281-90. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Tandon A, Murray CJL. Comparability of self rated health: cross-sectional multi-country survey study using anchoring vignettes. BMJ 2004; 328(7434): 258-61. [Download PDF]

King G, Murray CJL, Salomon JA, Tandon A. Enhancing the validity and cross-population comparability of measurement in survey research. American Political Science Review 2004; 98(1): 567-583. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA. Reconsidering the use of rankings in the valuation of health states: a model for estimating cardinal values from ordinal data. Population Health Metrics 2003; 1:12. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Weinstein MC, Hammitt JK, Goldie SJ. Cost-effectiveness of treatment for chronic hepatitis C infection in an evolving patient population. JAMA 2003; 290(2): 228-237. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Weinstein MC, Hammitt JK, Goldie SJ. Empirically-calibrated model of hepatitis C virus infection in the United States. American Journal of Epidemiology 2002; 156(8): 761-773. [Download PDF]

Stover J, Walker N, Garnett GP, Salomon JA, Stanecki KA, Ghys PD, Grassly NC, Anderson RM, Schwartländer B. Can we reverse the HIV/AIDS pandemic with an expanded response? Lancet 2002; 360: 73-77. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Murray CJL. The epidemiologic transition re-examined: compositional models for causes of death by age and sex. Population and Development Review 2002; 28(2): 205-228. [Download PDF]

Salomon JA, Murray CJL. Modelling HIV/AIDS epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa using seroprevalence data from antenatal clinics. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2001; 79(7) 596-607. [Download PDF]

Mathers CD, Sadana R, Salomon JA, Murray CJL, Lopez AD. Healthy life expectancy in 191 countries, 1999. Lancet 2001; 357: 1685-91. [Download PDF]

Murray CJL, Salomon JA. Modeling the impact of global tuberculosis control strategies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 1998; 95(23): 13881-6. [Download PDF]


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