Adam Presser

Technician, 2017 – 2020

Undergraduate Degree: Clarkson University

    Adam’s publications from the Sarosiek Laboratory:
  • Stover EH, Baco MB, Cohen O, Li YY, Christie EL, Bagul M, Goodale A, Lee Y, Pantel S, Rees MG, Wei G, Adam Presser, Gelbard MK, Zhang W, Zervantonakis IK, Bhola PD, Ryan J, Guerriero JL, Montero J, Liang FJ, Cherniack AD, Piccioni F, Matulonis UA, Bowtell DDL, Kristopher Sarosiek, Letai A, Garraway LA, Johannessen CM, Meyerson M.
    Pooled genomic screens identify anti-apoptotic genes as targetable mediators of chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer.
    Molecular Cancer Research, 2019 Aug 28. Pubmed.
  • Cameron Fraser, Adam Presser, Vaishali Sanchorawala, Shayna Sarosiek, Kristopher A. Sarosiek.
    Clonal plasma cells in AL amyloidosis are dependent on pro survival BCL-2 family proteins and sensitive to BH3 mimetics (Preprint).
    BioRxiv, February 6 2019. PDF. BioRxiv.
  • Johan Spetz, Adam Presser, Kristopher A. Sarosiek.
    T Cells and Regulated Cell Death: Kill or Be Killed (Review).
    International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, 2018 September. PDF. Pubmed.