Join us for a special event exploring the perils and promise of a new century in public health leadership

Public health is credited with an astonishing 25 years in increased life expectancy for the average American during the 20th century. This is an extraordinary accomplishment by any measure — one that has played out across the globe, and one in which Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) is proud to have played a leading role. Our contributions over the past 100 years have ranged from monumental breakthroughs that paved the way to a polio vaccine, to tens of millions of lives saved with oral rehydration therapy, to safe surgery checklists that have helped avert thousands of deaths and injuries from surgical errors.

Looking back, there is much to be proud of; but many challenges remain. Today, our vision for the future of the School’s educational and research missions is focused on four major threats to global health:

  1. Old and New Pandemics
    Developing tools to reverse killer diseases
  2. Harmful Physical and Social Environments
    Preventing pollution, promoting healthy communities
  3. Poverty and Humanitarian Crises
    Advancing health as a human right
  4. Failing Health Systems
    Leading change, changing leaders

The HSPH Centennial Leadership Summit will bring together thought leaders and public health luminaries to examine both the sweeping challenges and extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead of HSPH. You will learn about the School’s ambitious agenda for a second century of public health discovery and engage directly with top HSPH faculty and other public health leaders through an array of small-group sessions, presentations, and panel discussions.

The Summit is open exclusively to members of the Harvard School of Public Health Leadership Council, invited guests, and ticket holders for the October 24th gala celebration.