About the Leadership Council

HSPH brings together global partners and leaders from government, industry, academia, and elsewhere to produce visionary ideas and cost-effective solutions that improve the lives of people everywhere.

The HSPH Leadership Council was established in 2003 to convene a diverse group of individuals who share the School’s dedication to the field of public health and who have volunteered to serve as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of HSPH and the cause of improving health and transforming lives.

The Council brings a broad range of expertise to HSPH. Members are business leaders, philanthropists, high-ranking public health officials, practitioners, alumni, and media figures.

Executive Committee

The Leadership Council Executive Committee was created to support the Dean in broadening the School’s reach and contributing to the future growth and success of the Council. The Executive Committee provides strategic advice on all council activities, particularly the annual meeting. Committee members are spokespeople for HSPH at events and in school communications.

Members as of May 2013:

Barrie Damson, AB ’56
Mitchell Dong, AB ’75, OPM ’97
Holly Hayes
Paula Ivey Henry, SM ’95
Nancy Lukitsh, MBA ’80
Beth Martignetti
Matthew McLennan
Monika McLennan
Michael R. Pollard
Penelope Pollard
Paula Sneddon
Steven Sneddon, SM ’77, SD ’79
Kate Sedgwick, MPH ’10
Amy Spies, AB ’75
John Whyte, MD, MPH ’93