Volunteer Leadership Award

2012 Volunteer Leadership Award recipients Lee Chin and Lilian Cheung with Dean Julio Frenk

History and Purpose

Harvard School of Public Health established the Volunteer Leadership Award in 2003 to publicly recognize the outstanding work of the School’s most dedicated volunteers. The award is made on an annual basis at the meeting of the Leadership Council.

The School designates internal funds to support a student scholarship carrying the award winner’s name for one year.

Award Recipient

The recipient of the Volunteer Leadership Award each year exemplifies the following qualities and actions in support of the School:

  • Has developed a deep understanding of Harvard School of Public Health and its mission and purpose.
  • Has served as a visible and active spokesperson and advocate for the School externally or elsewhere in Harvard University.
  • Has served as an active member of various volunteer committees.
  • Has demonstrated leadership as a volunteer and earned the trust and respect of fellow volunteers.
  • Has helped to further the resource development agenda of the School through personal philanthropy, solicitation of potential donors, and/or attraction of new gifts to the School.

Award History

Award Recipients Scholarship Recipients
2013 Nancy Lukitsh, MBA ’80 TBA
2012 Lilian Cheung, SM ’75, SD ’78 and Lee Chin, SM ’75, SD ’79 Juan Wu, SD ’16
2011 Maurice Tempelsman and Deeda Blair Wen Xie, PHD ’16
2010 Roslyn B. Payne, MBA ’70 Mara Hansen, SM ’11
Fall 2009 Mary Paci Livia Montana, SD ’11
Spring 2009 Julius and Joan Jacobson Chunyan He, SD ’09
2007 Phyllis Collins and Christine Allen Annie Chu, SM ’07, SD ’11
2006 Mitchell L. Dong, AB ’75 and Robin LaFoley Dong Manish Kakkar, MPH ’07
2005 Steve Kay, AB ’56, MBA ’58 Lingling Zhang, SD ’11
2004 Richard Menschel, MBA ’59 Lawrence Cheng, MPH ’05
2003 Julie Henry, MPH ’91 Gaston Sorgho, DPH ’10