Sustainable Food Systems: a 2-Day Symposium at University of Michigan School of Public Health

Richard Levins
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Marclevinsssssssh 24: One Foot In, One Foot Out: On Being Engaged Professionals and Activists
(U. Michigan’s Dana Bldg 1040, 4:00 pm)

March 25: On The Threshold of Complexity (UMSPH 1655, 3pm)

Richard Levins is an ecologist, biomathematician and philosopher of science whose central intellectual concern has been the understanding and influencing of processes in complex systems, both abstractly and as applied to evolutionary ecology, economic development, agriculture and health. He has carried out this program at the theoretical level by framing the problems of adaptation to the structure of the environment in space and time, the metapopulation concept for interpreting populations in biogeography, human physiology as a socialized physiology, and the interpenetration of model building as juggling the partially opposing requirements of realism, generality, and precision.

Sponsored by Global Public Health, Center for Social Epidemiology,
The UM Sustainable Food Systems Initiative, School of Natural Resources and Environment,  NWAEG, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Contact: Mark Wilson