Selected Publications


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Book Chapter

  1. Conclusion: Social Ties, Social Support, and Mental Health of Haitian Immigrants. In: Nicolas G, DeSilva A, St. Louis G, Marc LG, Editors: Social Networks and the Mental Health of Haitian Immigrants. Coconut Creek, FL: Caribbean Studies Pr November 2010

Major Reports

  1. Parker S, Brooks MA, Desrosiers A, Piton J, Testa MA, Marc LG. Mental Health Screening for Haitians: Building Links between Primary Care Providers and Community Based Organizati Funded by Harvard Catalyst through the Community Health Innovation Program, 2012-2013.
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  3. Testa, A., Marc, L.G., Savoia, E. Lin, L., Massin Short, S, Henderson, W. Evaluation of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. CDC Grant subaward to Harvard School of Public Health.
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