Dr. Linda Marc is the National Implementation Director for the HRSA-funded Evidence-Informed Interventions Coordinating Center for Technical Assistance (E2i CCTA). She is responsible for designing and delivering technical assistance to support the implementation of HIV-related behavioral interventions at 24 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program sites across the United States.  She concurrently holds an appointment as an Instructor in Biostatistics within the Quantitative Methods (QM) Program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and is a Member of the QM Practicum Committee.

Prior to this role Dr. Marc was the Education and Curriculum Development Director within the Preparedness Center at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  On the Core Curriculum Committee she was the lead faculty ensuring that topics specific to social determinants of health and cultural issues relevant to vulnerable populations (e.g., ethnic minorities, multilingual audiences, immigrant, lower socioeconomic status groups, HIV-infected and mental ill) were addressed when developing online instructional models. During this period, she also served as an Advisor on social determinants of health, through the Harvard Preparedness Center, to the Haitian Ministry of Health.  Haiti projects focused on: (1) the utilization of mental health services for female victims of sexual violence; (2) uptake to post-exposure antiretroviral prophylaxis for  victims of sexual violence; (3) measurement of sexual violence amongst internally displaced women living in post-earthquake camps; and (4) measurement of depression in the Haitian LGBT communities in collaboration with the Haiti PEPFAR Team on the first Bio-Behavioral Surveillance Study of MSM in Haiti.

From 2007-2012, Dr. Marc held an appointment as an Advisor to the US Census Bureau, serving as Vice-Chair of the Race and Ethnicity Advisory Committee for the African-American Population.  From 2012-2015 she was re-appointed by the Census Bureau to serve on the National Advisory Committee on Race, Ethnicity and Other Populations, and served as the Convenor of the Race & Hispanic Origin Research Working Group, which was responsible to explore alternative approaches for collecting race and ethnicity data for the upcoming 2020 census.

From 2006-2017, Dr. Marc was a Lecturer in Public Health Practice at the Yale School of Public Health and Principal Investigator of the Study on the Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Minority Faculty (URM),  a project initiated by the Emerging Majority Affairs Committee (EMAC) of the Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health.  The purpose of this study was to identify resources in place to recruit and retain URM faculty and document “best practices” to make recommendations about how  Yale policies and procedures could be adjusted or improved.

Dr. Marc received a Doctorate of Science in Social Determinants of Health from Harvard Chan in Massachusetts, a Master’s in Public Health from Yale in Connecticut, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. John’s University in New York.   She completed post-doctoral training in the Mood Disorders Program and HIV Clinical Trials Unit at the Weill Medical College of Cornell. As a Fellow, her research focused on HIV-related health disparities at Brown University through the Initiative on HIV/AIDS in Disadvantage Communities; and she was a Fellow in the Program on Ethnic Group Differences in Mental Health at Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School.