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The Lown Scholars Program is currently in transition.  We continue to welcome your inquiries, but are not accepting applications at this time.  Details about the new program will be posted soon.

Lown Visiting Scholars are scientists, clinicians or policy makers who have a position in their home country and wish to pursue a collaboration with a mentor or colleagues at the Harvard Chan School.  They may be relatively junior professionals who are seeking to build up their skills as they establish their careers, or they may be well established leaders in their home country who wish to work with peer researchers at the Harvard Chan School, or they may fall somewhere in between.  They spend variable amounts of time – typically a few weeks to a few months -working with a mentor at the Harvard Chan School for additional training or collaboration that will further their work in the field of non-communicable disease prevention.

Some Lown Visiting Scholars take classes during their visits to the Harvard Chan School.  Most are not enrolled at the in a degree-granting program, but in some cases we will offer  some support towards tuition and living expenses for a student in his or her last year of study.

Typical awards for Lown Visiting Scholars are between $10,000 and $35,000 per year. Lown funds may be spent on research in the scholars home country, as well as on travel to visit and collaborate with mentors and colleagues at the Harvard Chan School, or to present Lown-related work at a professional conference.

While scholars are funded one year at a time, the awards are renewable, and often continue for several years.

Lown Fellows typically have interests that are aligned with the goals of the Lown Scholars Program, but do not meet the full criteria to become a Lown Scholar.  For example applicants who have not developed a relationship with a mentor may be offered modest funding to take summer courses or other short courses run by the Harvard Chan School.  This provides them with an opportunity to become acquainted with various Chan School faculty members, and often leads to a successful application to be a Lown Visiting Scholar.  Other fellows are Harvard Chan School students or visitors from LMICs who are temporarily residing in Boston.  They are typically funded to carry out a small project with a faculty member, which may lay the groundwork for more extensive work as a Lown Visiting Scholar.

Applicants who wish to be considered for a Lown Fellow award should send email Nancy Sieber a completed Lown Visiting Scholar Application, their CV , and a brief description of their proposed work.  These applications are accepted at any time, but timing and the amount of support is determined by availability of funds.

Typical awards for Lown Fellows are between $8,000 and $15,000 per year.

Visiting Scholar Application 2015-2016

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