Fall 2021

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  • Comic book style illustration with globe in forground, modern urban city in background. Orange lines spring from dots around the globe and into the air. A mecial professional stands behind the globe, back turned, holding a coffee in one hand, looking at a phone in the other at unspecified health information. Drones and helicopters fly in the sky. City is drawn in light purple, sky is orange and yellow.

    Artificial Intelligence’s Promise and Peril

    As algorithms analyze mammograms and smartphones capture lived experiences, researchers are debating the use of ai in public health.

  • Four black and white images dipciting causes of trauma with multiple gradient boxes overlaid on top. Gradient goes from deep red to grey to bright yellow. Images from L-R: microsopic scan of coronavirus, a tree standing among rushing flood waters, a protestor holds a handmade poster saying "How many more"? and a medical professional sits at a microscope in full protective gear: mask, face-sheild, hood, scrubs and gloves.

    The Age of Trauma

    A global pandemic. Horrific acts of police violence. Political upheaval. The climate crisis.The opioid epidemic. With sources of stress piling up and intersecting in new ways, a growing number of mental health experts are looking to root-cause solutions.

  • Kim Rhoads stands outside with her arms clasped behind her back wearing a crimson long sleeve shirt and a silver necklace. Two large trees and a concrete building are blurred in the background.

    Showing Up for the Underserved

    Kim Rhoads, MPH ’06, has relentlessly focused on bringing COVID-19 testing and vaccinations directly to the San Francisco Bay Area’s Black communities, earning a reputation as a fierce advocate and trusted medical adviser.