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Oxytocin signaling in the medial amygdala is required for sex discrimination of social cues.
Yao S, Bergan J, Lanjuin A, Dulac C.
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Splicing factor 1 modulates dietary restriction and TORC1 pathway longevity in C. elegans.
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Olfactory cortical neurons read out a relative time code in the olfactory bulb.
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Distinct IFT mechanisms contribute to the generation of ciliary structural diversity in C. elegans. Mukhopadhyay S, Lu Y, Qin H, Lanjuin A, Shaham S, Sengupta P.
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Regulation of neuronal lineage decisions by the HES-related bHLH protein REF-1.
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Identification of thermosensory and olfactory neuron-specific genes via expression profiling of single neuron types.
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Regulation of chemosensory receptor expression and sensory signaling by the KIN-29 Ser/Thr kinase.
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