Michelle Mello, professor of law and public health (right), with students in her Public Health Law class.

Options for Study

MPH candidates may complete the degree requirements on a full- or part-time basis. There is a summer-only degree completion option within the Quantitative Methods and Clinical Effectiveness concentrations. Full-time, part-time, and summer-only students must fulfill the same academic requirements and all receive the MPH degree upon completion of their studies.

Full-Time Option

Full-time students normally complete the program in two consecutive semesters (September through May). Students may elect to begin their coursework in July by enrolling in the Summer Session for Public Health Studies; those interested in this option should contact the Office of Education for guidance.

Students in medical or dental school enter as MD/DO/MPH or DMD/DDS/MPH students after the third or fourth year of medical or dental school; these students must select the full-time option. The MPH degree is awarded following completion of the medical or dental degree. MD/DO/MPH and DMD/DDS/MPH students follow the same requirements as all MPH students.

Part-Time Option

Part-time students fulfill the requirements for the degree in two or three years (three year maximum). Students may select courses during the academic year, WinterSession, and/or the Summer Session for Public Health Studies. Students who work in the Boston area and who can arrange their work schedules to attend classes during the day on a traditional class schedule have been able to complete the program part-time. A part-time option is not successful for applicants whose schedules do not permit daytime flexibility. HSPH does not offer online, evening, or weekend classes.

Summer-Only Option

A summer-only MPH program is available for students in two concentrations: Quantitative Methods and Clinical Effectiveness. The program can be completed by taking courses in three consecutive enrollments in the Summer Session for Public Health Studies; students in this program also may take courses during WinterSession. The summer-only option is available only for physicians or persons with relevant doctoral degrees. The focus of the summer-only MPH is on population-based studies emphasizing biostatistics and epidemiology for research in public health and clinical applications. Students wishing to apply for the summer-only MPH in Quantitative Methods or Clinical Effectiveness must observe the same admissions deadlines as all MPH degree applicants.