Professional Activities and Societies

Harvard School of Public Health

2009 –                          Member, HSPH Summer students minority program (Chair: 2010)

2009 – 2011                 Chair, IID Department, HSPH, Department Retreat Organization

2010 –                           Member, HSPH, BPH Admissions Committee

2011 –                            Member, IID Department, HSPH, Laboratory Equipment Committee

Harvard University

2011                                Member, Faculty Retreat Organization

2012                                 Member, IDC Bootcamp Committee

2012                                 Course director, Transmission module as part of the Science of Eradication course                                             in leadership and excellence


2011                                 Organizer, Symposium on the biology of malaria transmission, Annual ASTMH                                                   Meeting, Philadelphia

2013                                  Participant, Symposium/Workshop on malaria tissue sequestration and                                                                pathology, NIH, Bethesda

2014                                  Organizer, International Symposium/Workshop on the biology of malaria                                                            parasites in the human bone marrow, Harvard University

2014                                   Grant review panel for the US department of defense medical research program

2014                                   Co-organizer, Symposium on parasite bone marrow interactions, Annual                                                               ASTMH Meeting, New Orleans

2014                                   Organizer, Symposium on “Malaria: the last mile to eradication”, Harvard                                                             University


2013                                     Reviewer for National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia

2014                                     Co-organizer, International symposium/workshop on Malaria (From the bench                                                   to the field),  Porto Velho, Brazil