Fellows and Students

Some feedback from our fellows:

“This is a course that my institution will definitely love. Researchers do not normally get to learn on how to design effective questionnaires and they also do not know what to do once the collect their data. I can’t wait to go and share this course with them”

“The workshop has been very good and I must state that I have learnt quite a number of stuff from the facilitators and participants. It has enriched my questionnaire design abilities and research as a whole. Thanks to everyone who made sure the course was organised”

“I would like this cohort of trainees to remain in a network and collaborate on more projects.”

Some feedback from students:

The course tackled real life practice of my professional career” – Participant in M&E course, Rwanda

It has furthered open my eyes to some questions bothering my mind as to my research area.” – Participant in M&E course, Nigeria

“This has been one of the most comprehensive well organised presentation of statistics and statistics techniques.” – Participant in M&E Course, Botswana

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